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Freddy Saluna, ACSM-CPT, ΔΣΠ

Just wow! It’s not so much that I dislike my actual physical appearance in the “before” picture; I dislike more of what it represented – overweight, high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, lack of exercise, unhealthy nutrition, etc. etc. etc. I may be a personal trainer with over 11+ years of experience, but trainers are human – just like everyone else! From 2017-2020, I struggled and got a little… floofy – you can read about this (long ass) story here. The pandemic helped me truly make up my mind and yes, exercise and nutrition are important, but if you haven’t truly DECIDED to get healthier, more exercise and better nutrition won’t help. Periodt.

May, 2020
lgbtq+ personal trainer
September, 2021

Are you ready to get to work?

Freddy’s knowledge is paramount but it’s also his passion and caring about us succeeding that shines through. He truly has an all-encompassing approach to health and wellness. THANK YOU, Freddy!!
~ Jennifer
Freddy has been kind, assertive, and purposefully inclusive, I am working to be my best self with a comprehensive ecosystem of support. From the apps, texts, and in-person personal training to the personalized goals based on actual data from your assessment, you are in excellent hands with thatgaytrainer.
~ Mario LW
lgbtq+ personal trainer

I truly believe regular exercise and healthier nutrition should be as AUTOMATIC as using the toilet (yes I said it), brushing your teeth, taking a shower, shaving or putting on your makeup, driving to and from work, school, and/or to pick up the kids and/or whatever else is in your life, regardless of your sexual identity. 

No one can do your health for you. No one can eat for you, no one can exercise for you. But whether you’re gay, straight, or something else, I’m here to help you make regular exercise and healthier nutrition AUTOMATIC.

About me

Don’t revoke my gay card, but I really dislike self-promotion (the two bare-chested pictures of me make me cringe) and I don’t really post much on social media (very few of my clients are even on social media).

I like to do my work in a behind-the-scenes type of way because I believe fitness (for most of us) is a deeply personal part of your life, not your ENTIRE life for the whole world to see.

Does that mean I won’t work with someone who’s all about their TikTok, Twitter, and Insta? Of course not, but it’s not really who thatgaytrainer is. 

On another level, I truly hate some of the philosophies, products, and services that have spawned and have a foothold in the world of fitness as a result of capitalism and the internet. Periodt.

How it all started

I had a very personal experience with heart disease. My dad had his first heart attack (AND double bypass surgery) at 36 and then died in an operating room accident during his second DOUBLE arterial bypass surgery at the age of 49. Given what we now know, there’s no reason for anyone to go through anything similar.

Fast forward to 2021. My original personal training business, Level One Training and Fitness, celebrated it’s 10th birthday and came out as thatgaytrainer; open to everyone but specifically wanting to help out my LGBTQIA+ fam here in San Diego directly!

Why? I’m glad you asked! Identifying ourselves as other than straight introduces a multitude of social, cultural, religious, and political issues (not to mention substance abuse) which can then affect our personal health, especially in the realm of exercise and nutrition.

You have ONE body for life. The question you need to ask AND answer for yourself is: Will you trash it or will you treasure it?

My name is Freddy Saluna aka thatgaytrainer and I’d be honored to be your trainer

Are you ready to get to work?


The vision of thatgaytrainer is to help create a society educated on the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition and, as a result, help reduce the incidence of various disease conditions associated with sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles.


The mission of thatgaytrainer is to help everyone, especially my LGBTQ+ fam, achieve their fitness, strength, and/or conditioning goals within specific timeframes in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, improved appearance, and/or increased athletic performance.



  • Level One Qualified Trainer – TRX Suspension Training
  • Functional Fitness Consultant, Cert. No. 6928196
  • Remedial Exercise Consultant, Cert. No. 6265934
  • Senior Fitness Consultant, Cert. No. 1484794
  • Strength and Conditioning Consultant, Cert. No. 6240880
  • Cognitive Behavior Life Coach


We are proud to contribute a percentage of our monthly income to the following charitable causes:

Community Justice Exchange

The Community Justice Exchange is a national hub for developing, sharing, and experimenting with tactical interventions, strategic organizing practices, and innovative organizing tools to end mass incarceration. We provide support to community organizations that are building a new vision of community justice in the criminal, legal, and immigration detention systems.

Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi’s Leadership Foundation provides scholarships for undergraduate and graduate Fraternity members.  Contributions from the Foundation also support the leadership development and training offered at LEAD Schools, LEAD Provincial Conferences, Grand Chapter Congress, and other enriching programs such as the Scholarship Key and Collegian of the Year programs.

The Trevor Project

Founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award®-winning short film TREVOR, The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under the age of 25, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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