Bruh! They Asked Me To Write A Pride Article, Here’s Why

… because they said it would be fun!

Happy Pride Month girls, gays, and theys!

As a former-altar boy, former scripture-quoting, and former terrified and eternally guilty-feeling Roman Catholic, I can tell you that “pride” is one of the “seven deadly sins.” But, Rage Monthly also said I could only write 700 words because well… everyone knows that daddies (or zaddies?) can go on forever about nothing and everything. Sooo, no religion talk. 

Queen, king, reina, rei… be proud of who you are, where you come from, what you do, your culture, your sexuality, and so on, but also take pride in your personal health and fitness! Not your outfit (which I’m sure is fire). Not your six pack or lack thereof. Your health and your fitness – a lifestyle that’s nice to your body and your mind most of the time. 

Yeah bruh, this is directed towards you… Gen Z and Millenials.

Yesssss, of course, keep taking your EDC and Coachella pics and post them on Insta. Post your Snap stories to impress your rave bae. Get those Twitter followers to sub to your OF. And keep on playing those video games – Elden Ring, Pokemon, Mario Kart, and so on. But, please also see the huge opportunity to get ahead and be ahead of the curve like never before when it comes to both your mental and physical health.

You legit living in the information age. You own one of THE most technologically advanced pieces of electronic gadgetry humans have ever created: the smartphone. The resources and apps available to you can literally help you avoid high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, lung cancer, and even *gulp* STIs!

Let your phone help you! 


Bruh, maybe a phone could have helped ME because it took 33 years to make peace with myself, come the eff out, and be proud of who I am. 33 years. Some of you haven’t even been alive that long! 

Regardless, you best believe after that much time I’m gonna be damn proud of being gay. AND Asian. AND a business owner. AND in the fitness industry for 10+ years. I mean how much more complicated can I make my life, right?! Well, I’m glad you asked.

I work in a complicated industry, in a complicated society, with complicated people, at a very complicated time in the world: COVID, war, shootings, right to choose, inflation, gas prices  (damn dude, that almost gave me a headache and I almost want a drink. Bartender, bourbon. Up, please.) 

As a personal trainer, I’ve told and continue to tell people to be proud of who they are (regardless of their struggles) and what they’ve accomplished (in the training studio, in their kitchens, or in the world). Why? Because lots of people tend to take pride in questionable things and take little pride in the things they should be proud of. We’re not even talking the seven deadly sins PRIDE!

Be Kind to Each Other AND Yourself

There is nothing wrong with being proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished, but avoid the trap of pride in appearances just for appearance’s sake. Instagays and thirst traps are nice to look at, but dig deeper. Go beyond the surface and superficial. Get to the root. Realize that outward appearances should be the result of a solid, grounded, and non-prideful healthy mindset and consistent exercise plus healthier nutrition – not being in love (or hate) with the mirror.


Getting good habits started when you’re in your 20s and even 30s will save your mind from mental and emotional stress and your body from physical stress as you move on into your 40s and beyond. My dad DIDN’T do this and died when he was only 49.

If you know you’ve got a few extra pounds you gotta lose, lose ‘em. Make a few healthier eating choices if you need to. Get to the gym a few extra times this month. But, most of all realize you don’t have to be overly hardcore about any of it. Enjoy the eff out of your life, but also know when to say when and to take care of yourself. I can say this because I’m also a DJ and I’ve lived (still live?) the festival and rave life.

Happy Pride!

Please let me know how I can help – my advice is always free! Send me a message.

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