“Exercise Needs to Be SOOO FETCH!!!”

I recently had the fortune of catching the Mean Girls musical on Press Night at the Civic Theatre in Downtown San Diego with some arm candy (he knows who he is!) Special shout out to Mike Mance of Mance Creative for the tickets!

And I thought… everyone on stage has to absolutely love what they’re doing! It’s clear they pour their hearts and souls into singing loud and proud (especially Karen, bless her sweet heart), moving effortlessly in choreographed dance routines, and even tap dancing!

So then my mind kept going… if they love what they’re doing, then (hopefully) that means each of us loves whatever we’re doing to make our own coin too! It has to be sooo FETCH to us or WTH are we doing it for, right?

And, my mind STILL kept going… if you love what you’re doing, then you’re also doing what you love, which supposedly translates into not “working” a day in your life, right? Except maybe Regina, of course, because, well… Regina.

We see collegiate and professional athletes participating in sports they absolutely adore – and they’re VERY fit and embody healthy… soccer, football, baseball, basketball, rugby, swimming, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, you name it. I see you looking at those uniforms, bro!

We see people in the gym pumping iron – and many of them are very fit and embody health as well… professional bodybuilders, Olympic lifters, physique competitors, and even a few normal, everyday citizens. I see you looking at them bodies, bruh!

So what happened to the rest of us who aren’t as fit or as healthy? Is it because we just don’t care? Is it because we don’t like (much less love) physical activity? Is it because we’ve fallen out of love with the things we used to do? Or worse, is it because we’ve never been IN love with the thought of being healthier?

It’s April and it’s springtime which means summer is right around the corner. There’s undoubtedly more than just a few of us getting ready for it like Olympians preparing for the Games. Some of us are maybe undecided, but we’ve stepped up our game if just by a little bit. And the rest of us? Perfectly comfortable exactly where we’re at, for better or for worse.

To my Olympian readers out there, you go gurl, keep on keeping on! To those who’re okay with the status quo, good or bad, you go gurl as well, keep on keeping on! This piece is for those of you in the middle, teetering on the brink of making your own magic happen OR teetering on the brink of succumbing to making absolutely NO magic happen.

Those in the middle are trying to decide if they want to fall back in love, are afraid to fall in love, have recently fallen out of love, have commitment issues, and/or don’t know if she’s worth all the time, effort, and energy! Sound familiar?

If it does, then consider this for just a minute: I love being pretty damned healthy! How does that strike you? Some probably had a negative reaction, right? “Oh, she just full of herself isn’t she?” I assure you, it’s not a Regina thing.

I said “I love being pretty damned healthy” because those in the middle, struggling to decide, balancing on the gymnastics beam, afraid to fall left or right or those on the trail to Black’s, afraid to fall off a cliff either way – you can move forward confidently and say the same thing too!

And I said pretty damned healthy” because for most of us, pursuing perfect health is not only unrealistic, but can be tedious and downright boring AF! For most of us, bestie let’s be honest, some fun every now and then keeps life interesting. Just ask those who’ve joined me for 15000+ steps at Spin Nightclub!

You can learn to say “I love being pretty damned healthy” AND be okay with saying it to yourself. I know this because I’ve been teaching and training others to do just that for almost 12 years now.

So, spring forward and love making healthier food choices AND love the cardio you choose to do (and then do it for at least 150 minutes weekly *hint*) AND love the idea of coming in for your complimentary SPRING THAW fitness assessment at thatgaytrainer.com where we’ll steer you straight (figuratively!)

Learn to love and be okay with being “pretty damned healthy.” Trust me, it’s sooo fetch! Happy spring!

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