It’s Not Too Late To Work on a Beach Bod!

IF that’s what you’re going for, of course!

Yezzir, we’re into the lazy, hazy days of summer here in SoCal! Every day is looking like a good beach day (remember the sun block!) The May Gray and June Gloom are (HOPEFULLY) behind us for good.

What? Why are you panicking though? Do you feel like you’re absolutely NOT ready to show a single square inch of skin to the public? Fret not! First, who even cares what other people think?! And second, every day is a new opportunity to get to work on yo beautiful self!

So let’s talk about some OH SO SEXY exercise and nutrition stuff, shall we? (I know – OMG – he’s actually going to talk about stuff related to training?!) YES and gurl… gotta get your mind set first, the stuff upstairs is the boss of everything from your neck down.

First, BOOZE.

When it comes to that glassful of social lubricant (I see you peeps mimosa-ing!) one of the first things you should do is set a limit for yourself and then puhleez sista… HOLD TO IT! NO “peer pressure!” Need motivation? Alcohol is literally a poison; you can set it on fire for sh*t’s sake!

And please don’t dwell on alcohol’s possible effects on testosterone levels, whether or not carbs get digested, and so on and so forth, that’s for us fitness nerds. If you’re concerned about those things, then reread the prior paragraph and just set a limit!

Now that you’ve cut a drink or two, odds are you SHOULD be able to remain more in control of your overwhelming urge to consume the next street hot dog or carne asada fries you get a whiff of. How does that help? More sober = good/better choices.

Next, food.

Start cutting back a bit on that food intake. So if you DO end up getting those carne asada fries anyway and you know you usually eat the whole thing, try this: save yourself at least a quarter of it for later! How does that help?

First, you’ve cut back on how much you’d normally eat, a strategy you can employ at EVERY meal. Odds are you have a pretty good idea of what your eating habits are like so just trim a bit off your plate. Believe me, do this consistently and the reduced calories WILL add up over time.

And since you’ve trimmed your portion sizes, you’ll have more to eat later which means your meals go further. In this day and age of inflation or supply chain issues or interest rates (or whatever the buzz word is this week), your dollar will go a little further.

WOO! Proud of you! Booze – check! Food – check!

Last – exercise!

Honey, go take a 22 minute walk. Seriously. 22 minutes of a good moderate pace walk every day. For cardio, that’s all it takes. It adds up to roughly 150 minutes weekly, the bare minimum. Walk from Number One to Flick’s or Uptown. Did you see what I did there?

Gurl, showcase that gay power walk! You know, the one where you’re screaming inside your head “B*tch get out my way, can’t you see I’m in a hurry?!” Be like my old roomie Jeff who despite being a foot shorter than me can still walk twice as fast as me – even AFTER a few drinks. Pecs, July 4, 2021.

If walking from bar to bar isn’t your thing, then get it done during the week – first thing in the morning, on your lunch break, at the end of the day, on the way to/from Black’s, wherever you are, get those steps in – MOVE MORE.

Next, pick 2 days a week and go do some squats, lunges, pushups, rows, planks, side planks, and stretching – stuff that doesn’t even require a gym membership or gym equipment! I know, what a foreign concept right?

KISS – Keep It Simple Sassy

And there ya go! Does it all sound too simple to be true or doable? Here’s what I’ve learned as a trainer – things are only ever as simple (or as complicated) as you make them out to be.

Choose simple, your future self will thank you later. Happy Pride San Diego!

For more on how we can help, please reach out to us!

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