Our Fitness Consultation and Assessment helps you determine where you are today so you can figure out where you want (or need) to go with your fitness and health today.

Since everyone’s journey is different, your assessment results are as unique as you are. Choose to train with us and the program we create for you will be individual to you. We’ll then help you work through it in your own way so you can say #IOwnMyHealthShit! 🙂

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Body Composition

How concerned about your BMI should you be? What body fat percentage is considered “fit?” What percentage is considered “unhealthy?” Are your waist and hip circumference a reliable indicator of health? You’ll get answers to these questions and much more.

Exercise Testing

You take a 15 minute walk every single day, but you wonder what your cardiovascular health is really like. You know you can handle yourself reasonably well in your day-to-day life activities, but what’s a “good” strength for your age? We’ll help you discover how fit you really are!

Goal Setting

Using the acronym “SMART” – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic/Relevant, and Time-Bound tightens up your goal setting. And with the additional information from the body composition analysis and exercise testing, we’ll be sure you’re set for success!

Fitness Consultations with thatgaytrainer take place at our conveniently located North Park training studio, 1 mile east of Hillcrest.

Fitness Consultation and assessment

    • Personal Health Review
    • Body Composition Analysis
    • Exercise Testing
    • Written Results including Goal Setting

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