Body Composition

How concerned about your BMI should you be? What body fat percentage is considered “fit?” What percentage is considered “unhealthy?” Are your waist and hip circumference a reliable indicator of health? You’ll get answers to these questions and much more.

Exercise Testing

You take a 15 minute walk every single day, but you wonder what your cardiovascular health is really like. You know you can handle yourself reasonably well in your day-to-day life activities, but what’s a “good” strength for your age? We’ll help you discover how fit you really are!

Goal Setting

Using the acronym “SMART” – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic/Relevant, and Time-Bound tightens up your goal setting. And with the additional information from the body composition analysis and exercise testing, we’ll be sure you’re set for success!

lgbtq+ personal trainer

Fitness Consultations with thatgaytrainer take place at our conveniently located North Park training studio, 1 mile east of Hillcrest.

Fitness Consultation and assessment

    • Personal Health Review
    • Body Composition Analysis
    • Exercise Testing
    • Written Results including Goal Setting
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