How strong are you really? Find out!

What should your fitness focus be in 2023? Get an answer!


Fitness Consultation and Assessment

Schedule it for you. Schedule it for someone you love. Who says some of the best things in life aren’t FREE? 


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 ($125.00 value)
My son and I have been working with Freddy for a few months now and I seriously never thought I would enjoy a personal trainer as much as I do from several different aspects! Freddy really takes the time to help you determine your own goals and then works with you to accomplish those goals. He understands that everyone is different and may require a different approach.
~ Jennifer Schulz

Fitness Consultation and Assessment


($125.00 value, a savings of 100% over standard rates)

– OR –

What you get:

Personal Health Review

Body Composition Analysis including:

Body Mass Index

Waist-to-Hip Ratio

Body Fat Calculation

Exercise Testing including:

Cardio Test

Endurance Test

Strength Test

Flexibility Test

– PLUS –

A written report with:

 Your current ranking in each area above

The goals you should be aiming for in 2023

And MUCH more – all in ONE single hour!

~ The Fine Print ~

Offer limited to FIVE individuals

Subject to scheduling availability

This offer expires at 12:01am PDT, Sunday, January 1, 2023.

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