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So you want a six-pack just in time for football?

(from Level One Training and Fitness, September, 2012)

(The OTHER six-pack…)

Perhaps the most common question we receive relates to the number of crunches one should do to get 6-pack abs.  Truth is, it doesn’t matter how many thousands of crunches you do in a day, if you’re not eating right, that 6 or 8-pack (yes, some are genetically provided with 8) will always be covered by a layer of *gulp* yes, FAT. 

What about the “Abs are made in the kitchen!” statement.  It’s true, to a certain extent.  You won’t develop those abs of steel through diet alone. 

Your hidden, inner washboard requires a combination of hard work and proper diet to throw off its layer of insulation.  There is no shortcut… unless, of course, you go under the knife!

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