Man doing core Flexibility involves the range of motion in your joints. Regular stretching movements help maintain or improve this range of motion. Staying limber becomes more important as we age so it’s best to develop the habit and maintain it in our earlier years. Read More
Man doing core This week’s quick read: your neuromotor function; basically anything related to your balance, coordination, and agility. Read More
lgbtq+ personal trainer
Man doing core We often take it for granted, but our physical strength is required each and every time we move a body part. Regardless of whether you’re pointing and clicking a mouse, typing on a keyboard, or running after the kids, each of those actions requires a certain amount of strength. Read More
Man doing core Let’s say you’re out on a walk with a friend and you’re having a chat. If you’re slightly out of breath, then you’re likely moving at a moderate intensity. If you don’t feel slightly out of breath, then you’re probably chatting a bit too much and need to step up your pace a bit. Read More

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