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Happy New Year!

As humans in Southern California, we’ve got all the hints that spring is almost upon us: tweeting birds, blooming flowers, budding trees, tank tops and shorts, trips to the beach, along with sunny 90 degree days followed by *UGH* rain and 60 degrees the next. But hey, we accept it and roll with it, right? It’s that SoCal life!

Likewise, those of us who believe in resolutions revolving around looking and feeling better about ourselves (should?) probably accept that 60+% have already quit by February 1. We should accept it and roll with it as easily as we say yes to that next adult beverage. Why? Because we forget resolutions about as quickly as we forget about last week’s CDC COVID recommendations. But I digress.

We’re not going to dwell on the 60+% who wave the white flag; we’re going to focus on the roughly 1/3 who don’t. Now the question becomes: how do some of us make it through that first month and beyond? 

OH, HONEY… sorry… human…

Are you ladies sitting down? They make it because they know they’re human beings! I know, that’s about as earth-shaking a revelation as Kim Kardassian’s… uh, well… anyway, we’re human beings capable of thought. It’s within our grasp to decide, to make a choice, and to make up (or to change) our minds. Always.

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Sadly, many of us forget to cut ourselves slack when me make poor choices. We beat ourselves up, frustrate ourselves, beat ourselves up more, and/or we just give up altogether; my clients and myself included! Yup, personal trainer and guilty, but still human. The 30% who push ahead also understand this, forgive themselves, and move on.

I know, I know… “But Freddy, I’m always cutting myself slack and besides, I want shortcuts! I’m always tired and need the breaks.” Oh honey, I love you, but I’ve got news for you. Having done this for 10+ years now, if you had taken that energy you spent looking for shortcuts or saving it on breaks and instead redirected all of it into creating a well structured plan, you would have been at your goal already.

SLOW DOWN, human…

But it’s okay, you’re still human! So be like that 30% of humans. Take advantage of your capacity to think and choose differently this time. Slow down and really think. If you truly allow yourself to be introspective for just a few minutes, to disconnect from our “always on” world and establish a solid connection between your conscious and your subconscious, you can make anything happen.

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Ready? I give you permission to schedule 20 minutes to do this brain exercise TODAY. Think about your WHY. I know it sounds very cliche, but your “why” is critical when it comes to your need to improve your health and fitness. I say “need” because that implies a requirement to remain alive. Want a hint? “Health” needs to be in your why. 

Now, think about a time where you really, REALLY wanted something: a job, a house, a college degree, even just wanting to get to work on time every morning. Think about it, dissect it, reminisce about it. What was involved?


For a job, it’s a career path, networking, and/or new skills. For a house it’s budgeting, sacrificing, and saving. For a degree, it’s a calendar, assignments, and tests. And for getting to work on time, it’s reverse engineering your commute; what does The Google say about traffic? Crap, I gotta get gas, too! Okay, I HAVE to leave the house by x’o’clock. 

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Every single one of these are goals. They are all SPECIFIC. They are all MEASURABLE. They are all ACHIEVABLE. They are all REALISTIC. And they all have some type of TIME component attached to them. They’re all SMART

You’re smart too because you’re a fabulous human being capable of thought; after all you’re reading this aren’t you? So, go ahead and eff resolutions, start TODAY. Do your 20 minute thought exercise, sketch it out on paper, then keep it top of mind by keeping it visible. Between the clarity of your why and the discipline of your SMART goals/planning, you’ll start looking and feeling better in no time, I have no doubts. 

For help on your SMART goals or to just get some direction, please Contact us; we’re happy to help! Cheers!

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