Fitness – it isn’t just for the gays 😉

LGBTQI+ or not, how often do you REALLY workout/exercise?

A decade of fitness education, 2011-2021

Want to get stronger? thatgaytrainer can help with that. Want to lose some weight? thatgaytrainer can help with that, too. Want to burn body fat? Let’s go. Do you want to dial in your nutrition? Ready when you are. thatgaytrainer can help with all of these things and much more; fitness isn’t just for the gays.

And even though there’s a bare-chested clip of me on the front page, I’m not a big fan of self-promotion nor am I looking to win any popularity contests. Sure, physical attractiveness may be nice,  but if you want to hire a gay personal trainer who likes to flex, show skin, and/or wear clothes 2 sizes too small, it’s probably best you move on to the next trainer on your list. 🙂

As an LGBT trainer, my focus is not on me, my looks, nor my popularity; it’s YOU and YOUR health and fitness. In my best RuPaul voice, hear me when I say, “It’s way past time we get back to basics, bitches!”

My name is Freddy Saluna and I am thatgaytrainer. No hype, no fads, no BS ever… let’s get you fit (being gay and getting fabulous is not a requirement)!

Freddy has been kind, assertive, and purposefully inclusive, I am working to be my best self with a comprehensive ecosystem of support. From the apps, texts, and in-person personal training to the personalized goals based on actual data from your assessment, you are in excellent hands with thatgaytrainer.
~ Mario LW







meet thatgaytrainer – freddy

your neighborhood LGBTQ+ personal trainer


You have only ONE body for your entire life.

Gay or not, the question you need to seriously ask AND answer for yourself is:

Will you trash it or will you treasure it?


If you have a question for thatgaytrainer, would like to see/visit the San Diego studio and office, or would like to provide content (especially gay/LGBTQ+ related content) for our website, we’re happy to receive your email or call. 

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studio: located in North Park, San Diego

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