Our Private Client Training Studio is located in the heart of North Park, not far from 30th Street and University Avenue, in beautiful San Diego, California.

As of July 1, 2024, we have very limited availability. Please schedule a Meet and Greet now to determine if our schedules can align!

If you’re here, you’re in a different kind of fitness world now (and honey, I’m not talking about the fact that I’m gay!)

Proudly training San Diegans since 2011.

Bullshit in = bullshit out

but Not here, gurlll... why? Because...

my Dad died at 49

from surgical complications
related to lifelong heart disease

obesity + related diseases are rampant

and not letting up costing
billions in dollars and priceless lives

weight loss & building muscle are not magic

mysterious, elusive,
"impossible" things very few can do

It was HIGH KEY difficult to put
that side-by-side there...

First, because it’s painful to be reminded of an unhealthy time. Second, because self-promotion is my least favorite thing in the world to do. Everyone talking about how good they look, what workouts they do, what diets they follow, and so on.

I dislike it because there’s a lot of bullshit mixed in. I refuse to let any of my clients subscribe to it. I train them WITHOUT diets, supplements, cleanses, challenges, crazy workouts, or what have you. I EDUCATE on the fundamentals, coach on the basics, and quiz occasionally to make sure it sticks. If you like that approach to fitness, then you’re in good company!

let's chat, shall we?

Schedule a virtual meet and great today and you’ll see what I’m all about! But make no mistake, after almost 13 years, I’m pretty direct. Up for the challenge?

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