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There may be a bare-chested clip of me on the front page, but if you know me, you also know I’m not a big fan of self-promotion nor am I looking to win any popularity contests. I dislike all the fluff, gimmicks, and assorted other BS in the fitness world. In 10 years of business here in San Diego, all of that crap has done little to change habits, lifestyles, and/or reduce the incidence of eating, metabolic, and other health-related disorders, especially in the gay/LGBTQI+ community.

So, in my best RuPaul voice, hear me when I say, “It’s time to get back to basics, bitches!”

My name is Freddy Saluna and I am thatgaytrainer. No hype, no fads, no BS ever… just some sass from time to time.

Let’s get fit (getting fabulous is optional)!

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Educating individuals on the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition is my mission: live a healthier life not just for you, but for those whom you love and care about!


business: 858.336.7573

studio: located in North Park, San Diego

(approximately 1 mile east of Hillcrest)

If you have a question for thatgaytrainer, would like to see/visit the San Diego studio, or would like to provide content (especially gay/LGBTQI+ related content) for our website, please complete and submit this form. 

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