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At the present time, we are operating on a referral basis through our clientele and allied health partners.

Please feel free to schedule a Discovery Call or send us an email to determine current availability.

Want to get stronger? thatgaytrainer can help with that!

Want to lose weight? thatgaytrainer can help with that, too!

Want to feel more confident in the gym? Ready when you are!

Want to feel good as you head into your 30s and 40s and beyond? FIRE!

If you’re like me (or want to be more like me – except maybe the gay part) you recognize that good health is the foundation for  your entire life. The absence of good health will usually result in aches, pains, stiffness, excess weight, excess body fat, metabolic disease, and the list goes on and on.

So let’s work hard, but let’s work smart too! Let’s get you fit without any of the hype, fads, gimmicks, or BS … (Side note: being gay and getting fabulous not required!)

Freddy has been kind, assertive, and purposefully inclusive, I am working to be my best self with a comprehensive ecosystem of support. From the apps, texts, and in-person personal training to the personalized goals based on actual data from your assessment, you are in excellent hands with thatgaytrainer. ~Mario LW


meet thatgaytrainer

your LGBTQ+ personal trainer

“You have ONE body for life. Gay or not, the question you need to ask AND answer for yourself is: Will you trash it or will you treasure it?”


Question for thatgaytrainer? Interested in providing content (especially gay/LGBTQ+ related content) for our website?

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