Celebrating 10 years in San Diego

Sooo, tell us… how often do you workout/exercise?


Welcome to thatgaytrainer.com!

Do you want to get stronger? I can help with that. Do you want to lose some weight? I can help with that. Do you want to burn body fat? I can help with that. Do you want to dial in your nutrition? I can help with that. I can help with all of these things and much more.

And even though there’s a bare-chested clip of me on the front page (let’s face it, sex sells), I’m not a big fan of self-promotion nor am I looking to win any popularity contests. It’s also why you probably haven’t seen me or heard of me in 10 years!

In my best RuPaul voice, hear me when I say, “It’s way past time we get back to basics, bitches!”

My name is Freddy Saluna and I am thatgaytrainer. No hype, no fads, no BS ever… let’s get you fit (getting fabulous is optional)!







meet thatgaytrainer – freddy,  your LGBTQ+ personal trainer


You have only ONE body for your entire life.

The question you need to seriously ask AND answer for yourself is:

Will you trash it or will you treasure it?


business: 858.336.7573

studio: located in North Park, San Diego

(approximately 1 mile east of Hillcrest)

If you have a question for thatgaytrainer, would like to see/visit the San Diego studio and office, or would like to provide content (especially gay/LGBTQ+ related content) for our website, please complete and submit this form. 

We’ll be in touch with you within one business day.