Layne Norton, PhD has been around for a hot minute providing all kinds of advice, guidance, […]
Why? Because thatgaytrainer is actually going to spend this piece talking about exercise! I know, I […]
But before we get to that… I recently completed my (third) COVID “purge.” You know, the […]
IF that’s what you’re going for, of course! Yezzir, we’re into the lazy, hazy days of […]
… because they said it would be fun! Happy Pride Month girls, gays, and theys! As […]
(as published in Rage Monthly, May 2022 issue) STOP WITH THE WARDROBE CHANGES After having trained […]
As humans in Southern California, we’ve got all the hints that spring is almost upon us: […]
* – even if you’re over 50 like me! However, individual results will vary. Your life […]
Just the two words “body” and “fat” are enough to cause many people to agonize, despair, […]

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